By car:
Starting form San Juan city take Route 40 towards the North. After 30miles, in Talacasto, turn left following directions to Calingasta.  After 20miles of a winding road you'll find a traffic circle, where you should turn left again to the 414 route, always following the directions to Calingasta. Descending several miles and crossing a bridge over the San Juan River you will reach Pachaco post and follow the 412 route which leads you to phytosanitary checking point at the entrance of Calingasta. At the junction turn left and head towards Barreal (don´t cross the bridge). The whole trip takes about three hours to cover its 130miles.

GPS · Coordinates Satellite 31°39'34.5 South   69°27'58.6 West

Another option is arriving from Mendoz
a (some 125miles): from Mendoza city you should ascend to Uspallata following the international route that goes to Chile. Once in Uspallata, take State route 39 to Barreal. From Uspallata, 60miles remain to reach Barreal (60% dirt road). The whole trip from Mendoza city also takes about three hours.

By public transportation:

Buses from "El Triunfo Company", (0264) 422-4925, depart daily from San Juan Terminal at about 8am and 6.30pm arriving in Barreal at about 1pm and 11.30pm respectively. Jose Luis, (0264) 434-2317,  and Silvio, (0264) 425-2370 have door-to-door van services, departing every morning from San Juan and arriving in Barreal at noon. You will have to make an appointment for this trip in advance by calling the phone numbers listed above.



LA CASA DE FELI · Avenida Belgrano esquina W. Gallardo
Barreal - San Juan - Argentina
TEL: (02648) 441082 · CEL: (011) 15 3503 9596